Past Images of the Month

January, 2017

TBT, Ultrasound Guided Apical Pericardiocentesis

Image by: Nicholas Avitabile DO, Elyse Katz Lavine MD
and Danielle Matilsky MD


November, 2016

Dilated Appendix with Visualized Appendicolith

Image by: Ann Marie Cardell, MD, Seth Crockford MD, Aleem Bakhtair MD, Jeremy Nathaniel MD, Tyan Ransek MD, Nadia Baranchuk MD

October, 2016

Wall Echo Shadow

Image by: Ryan Tansek MD and Nadia Baranchuk MD

September, 2016

Retrobulbar Arterio-venous Malformation

Image by: Ryan Tansek MD, Paul Zentko MD and Nadia Baranchuk MD

August, 2016

Foreign Body in the Vitreous Chamber, Suspected Lens Dislocation

Image by: Emily Arena, MD

July, 2016

Complete Hydatidiform Mole

Image by: Jonathan Wassermann


June, 2016

Hydronephrosis with Hydroureter

Image by: Allison Sauler MD and Kevin George MD


May, 2016

Mirror Image Artifact of the Liver and IVC

Image by: Annie Katz MD and Michael Doctor MD

March/April, 2016

Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound

Universidade Católica de Moçambique

February, 2016

Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Melvin Ku, MD

January, 2016

The Vermiform Appendix
Alyssa Nguyen-Phuoc, MD and Vincent Costa, MD

December, 2015

Thrombophlebitis of the Internal Jugular Vein
(Lemierre's Syndrome)
Vanessa Torrijos, MD

November, 2015

Subcutaneous Air of the Scrotal Skin in a Patient with Fournier's
Simran Buttar, MD and Melvin Ku, MD

October, 2015

Apical Ballooning in a Patient with a 100% Mid-LAD Occlusion
Melvin Ku, MD and Aaran Drake, MD

September, 2015

D Sign of Elevated Right Heart Pressure
Christopher Caravanos, MD and Gabriel Rose, DO

August, 2015

Atrial Septal Defect
Christopher Caravanos, MD and Gabriel Rose, DO

June, 2015

Good Luck !! Rachel Berkowitz and Gabriel Rose

May, 2015

Appendicitis with Appendicolith

Image by: Annie Katz MD, Padraic Gerety MD and Gabriel Rose DO

May, 2015

Abdominal A-lines in a Patient with Pneumoperitoneum

Image by: Gabriel Rose, DO

April, 2015

Thickened Gallbladder Wall

Image by: Daniel Solis, MD and Marian Gambrell, MD

March, 2015

The Global Health and Ultrasound Divisions of MSSLR and the Students of Universidade Católica de Moçambique

February, 2015

Right Ventricular Diastolic Collapse (AV Valves Closed)
in a Patient with a Pericardial Effusion

Image by: Rachel Berkowitz, MD and Gabriel Rose, DO

January, 2015

Image by: Ian Justl-Ellis, MD

December, 2014

Peri-tonsillar Abscess
Image by: Patti Van Leer, MD

November, 2014

Dilated Renal Collecting System
Image by: Chris Caravanos, MD


October, 2014

Gallstone and Gallbladder Wall Thickening
Image by: Allison Sauler MD and Tommy Wong MD

September, 2014

Consolidated Lung and Small Pleural Effusion
Image by: Aryeh Lapin MD, Nicholas Governatori MD and
Sebastian Siadecki MD

August, 2014

Fluid Tracking Along the Facial Plane in Necrotizing Faciitis
Image by: Allison Sauler, MD and Nicholas Avitabile, DO

July, 2014

Good Luck Resa, Nicole and Nick!

June, 2014

Free Fluid in the Female Pelvis (Tie Fighter)
Image by: Benjamin Zabar, MD

May, 2014

Forearm Cellulitis
Image by: Simran Buttar, MD

April, 2014

Hemoperitoneum from a Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy
Image by: Nicole L Kaban, MD

March, 2014

Ovarian Endometrioma
Image by: Resa E Lewiss, MD

February, 2014

Right Ventricular Collapse in a Patient with a Large Pericardial Effusion
Image by: Dan E Wiener, MD and Resa E Lewiss, MD

January, 2014

Hemoperitoneum from a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst
Image by: Kevin Davey MD, Anh Nguyen MD and Deepti-Thomas-Paulose MD


December, 2013

Torus Fracture in a Pediatric Patient
Image by: Sacha Duchicela, MD and Resa E Lewiss, MD

November, 2013

Retinal Detachment
Image by: Ian Justl Ellis, MD

October, 2013

Sinusoid Sign,Pleural Effusion
Image by: Allegra Long, MD

September, 2013

Heterotopic Pregnancy
Image by: Nick Avitabile, DO

August, 2013

Polycystic Kidney Disease
Image by: Elyse Lavine, MD and Nick Avitabile, DO

July, 2013

Aortic-Inferior Vena Caval Fistula
Image by: Daniel Herbert-Cohen, MD and Daniel J Egan, MD

June, 2013

Swelling, heterogenous testicular parenchyma and reactive hydrocoele
Image by: Resa E Lewiss, MD

May, 2013

Two Yolk Sacs, Single Intrauterine Pregnancy
Image by: Sarah Frasure, MD

April, 2013

Complicated Pleural Effusion
Image by: Drs. Frasure, Duchicela and Verma

March, 2013

Cardiac Amyloidosis
Image by: Elyse Katz, MD and Jessica Noonan, MD

February, 2013

Target Sign of Appendicitis
Image by: Jessica Cook, MD

January, 2013

Traumatic Lens Dislocation
Image by: Turan Saul, MD

December, 2012

Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy with Pelvic Free Fluid
Image by: Carolyn Meyer, MD

November, 2012

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Intraluminal Thrombus
Image by: Elyse Lavine MD

October, 2012

Small Bowel Obstruction
Dilated Bowel Loops Filled with Fluid Outlining the
Plicae Circulares
Image by: Jill Humphries, MD, Aziz Ahmed, MD,Jessica Cook, MD, and Christopher Gelabert, MD

September, 2012

Ventral Wall Hernia
Image by: Sebastian Siadecki, MD

August, 2012

Adenomyomatosis of the Gallbladder
Image by: Sarah Frasure, MD

July, 2012

Tricuspid Vegetations
Image by: Neil Pathak, MD

June, 2012

Porcelain Gallbladder
Image by: Patti Van Leer, MD

May, 2012

Interstitial Ectopic Pregnancy
Image by: Jessica Noonan, MD and Sebastian Siadecki, MD

April, 2012

Retroverted Uterus
Image by: David Diller, MD and Rishi Vorha, MD

March, 2012

Image by: Peter Rubenstein, MSIV

February, 2012

Twin Gestation
Image by: Barbie Santos, MD and Jesson Yeh, MD

January, 2012

Pericardial Effusion
Image by: Daniel Herbert- Cohen, MD

December, 2011

Image by: Linda Nguyen, MD

November, 2011

Spine Sign
Image by: Jennifer Martin, MD and Lorraine Ng, MD

October, 2011

Displaced Intrauterine Device
Image by: Turan Saul, MD

September, 2011

Polycystic Kidney Disease
Image by: Daniel Rolston, MD

August, 2011

Nasogastric Tube
Image by: Linda Nguyen, MD and Jonathan Drew, MSIV

July, 2011

Gallbladder Phantom with Stones
Image by: Leigh Wright, MD

June, 2011

Right Adrenal Mass
Image by: Jesson Yeh, MD and James Spencer, MD

May, 2011

Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy
Image by: Jesson Yeh, MD and Farrukh Jafri, MD

April, 2011

Ectopic Pregnancy
By: Katja Goldflam, MD

March, 2011

Straddle View of the Testicles with Right Sided Hydrocele
By: Michael C. Daignault, MSIV

February, 2011

Image used with permission from: Daniel Lichtenstein, M.D.

January, 2011

Grade 5 Renal Injury
By: Faruukh Jafri, M.D. and Jesson Yeh, M.D.

December, 2010

Hydrocele and Epididymal Cyst
By: Stanley Wu, M.D.


November, 2010

Calcified Uterine Fibroid
By: Turan Saul, M.D.

October, 2010

Pericardial and Pleural Effusion
By: Katja Goldflam, M.D.

September, 2010

Ocular Ultrasound Phantom
By: Farrukh Jafri, M.D. and Daniel Runde, M.D.

August, 2010

Ovarian Cysts with Pelvic Free Fluid
Image: Joseph Habboushe, MD

July, 2010

Mitral Valve Vegetations
Image: Daniel Runde, MD

June, 2010

The SLR US Divison in Dublin
Image: Lony Levy, MD

May, 2010

Achilles Tendon Rupture
Image: Daniel Runde, MD

April, 2010

Right Artial Clot
Image: Bruce Derrick, MD

March, 2010

Pericardial Effusion
Image: Turan Saul, MD

February, 2010

Premature Rupture of Membranes
Image: Turan Saul, MD

January, 2010

Bladder Mass
Image: Stanley Wu, MD

December, 2009

WES sign
Image: Uche Blackstock, MD

October, 2009

Saccular AAA
Image: Gena Won, M.D. and Jarone Lee, M.D.

August, 2009

Iliac Artery Aneurysm
Image: Stanley Wu, M.D.

July, 2009

Intrauterine Twin Gestation
Image: Maria Nemethy, M.D.

June, 2009

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Image: Paul Travnicek, M.D.

May, 2009

Subxiphoid View of the Heart with Pericardial Effusion and
Pacer Wire in Right Atrium
Image: Marina Del Rios, M.D.


April, 2009

Sagittal Uterus with Intrauterine Device
Image: Erica Cavallo, M.D.


March, 2009

Peritonsillar Abscess
Image: Brandon Godbout, M.D.


February, 2009

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm with Intraluminal Clot
Image: Sean Wang, M.D.



January, 2009

Deep Venous Thrombosis in the Common Femoral and Greater Saphenous Veins

Image: William Bagley, M.D.

December, 2008

Blood in the Urinary Bladder after GSW to Left Flank
Image: Christina Mannino, D.O.


November, 2008

The SLR Ultrasound Division in Sri Lanka

October, 2008

Image by: Turandot Saul, M.D.

September, 2008

Foreign Body Left Cheek
Image by: Joseph Habboushe, M.D.

Ureteral Stone

August, 2008

Stone in Left Ureter
Image by: Alexis Langsfeld, M.D.

Retinal Detachment

July, 2008

Retinal Detachment
Image by: Fahad Khan, M.D.


June, 2008

Image by: Jonathan Kirshner, M.D.

May, 2008

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
Images by: Joy Sonson, M.D.


April, 2008

The St. Luke's Roosevelt Ultrasound Fellows with Iron Maiden, Winfocus Conference, Porto Allegre, Brazil

Image by: Stephanie Doniger, M.D.

March, 2008

Ectopic Pregnancy
Images by: Jenn Stratton, M.D.

February, 2008

Molar Pregnancy
Images by: Joy Sonson, M.D.

January, 2008

Sludge Filled Gallbladder with Gallstone, Dilated CBD
Images by: James Matern, M.D., Christian Menard, M.D., Ann Vorhaben, M.D.

December, 2007

Aortic Aneurysm - proximal and distal images
Diameter on CT - 9.2 cm
Images by: Andrew Leifer, M.D.

RUQ Fluid

November, 2007

Stab Wound to Right Flank
Image by: Andrew Leifer, M.D.

Pleural Effusion

October, 2007

Right Pleural Effusion
Image by: Turan Saul, M.D.